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How To Check Anyone WhatsApp

How To Monitor Girlfriend WhatsApp- Similar to other Android applications, WhatsApp also offers a beta program where users can test and provide feedback on upcoming features before they are released to the general public. By joining the WhatsApp beta program, you can access the latest features and updates faster, although it may come with some bugs.

Check Your Girlfriend WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp introduced Multi-device Support for select beta users, which is a highly anticipated feature. If you’re eager to try out the latest version and showcase it to your friends, this article is perfect for you.

So, how can you join the WhatsApp beta program? Please note that beta tester slots are limited, and not everyone can become a beta tester. The slots are filled periodically, and if you’re lucky, you may have the opportunity to sign up for the WhatsApp beta test program.

Here’s how you can join WhatsApp beta:

For iPhone devices

Tap on Linked Devices.

A message will appear regarding the special feature. Click “OK.”

Select “Multi-device Beta.”

Ability to pause and resume voice messages during recording.

Introduction of the HD Photos feature, allowing users to share high-quality images.

Access to new privacy features, such as the option to choose contacts who cannot view your display picture (“My Contact Except”).

Increased time limit for the “Delete for Everyone” feature, which allows beta users to delete messages within a one-hour time frame.

Limitations of using WhatsApp:

There are some limitations to using WhatsApp beta, including:

Inability to use more than one phone on your account simultaneously.

Live location cannot be seen on connected devices.

Limited functionality with group invites and changes on companion devices.

Inability to communicate with users who are using older versions of WhatsApp.

In conclusion, WhatsApp beta allows users of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business app to access the latest beta versions for Android and iPhone. While the beta version may be available in some countries, the multiple-device WhatsApp beta is expected to be available worldwide.
In today’s digital era, connecting with people worldwide has become effortless with WhatsApp. This globally renowned and trusted app prioritizes user security, making it a preferred choice for millions. As a responsible parent, it’s crucial to be aware of your children’s online activities, especially if they are spending excessive time on social media and neglecting their studies. To address this, we will explore the Last Sighted Applications for WhatsApp, which enable you to monitor online actions and stay vigilant over your loved ones.

WhatsApp Last Seen


WaStat is a reliable solution that promptly notifies you when someone comes online on WhatsApp. It provides convenient clock-like visual displays of online intervals without compromising the security of any WhatsApp account. By installing this app, you can keep looking of your contacts’ last seen online status effortlessly. Simply download WaStat from the Google Play store, open it, enter your name and the username of the person you wish to monitor, and you’ll receive notifications when they are online.

Notify Online – Last Seen:

Notify Online is another excellent app for looking individuals who have not been seen online. It offers comprehensive insights into the selected person’s information and enables you to monitor your child’s activities effectively. Given the significant amount of time children spend on social media, it’s essential to ensure they strike a balance with their studies. By downloading Notify Online on your Android device and entering the contact number of the person you want to look, you’ll receive regular updates on their online status. This app also alerts you when the selected contact goes offline.

Wis Online Last Seen

Wis allows you to delve deeper into the last seen details of individuals, providing valuable information about their online presence. Developed by Innovex and supporting Android 4.1 and above, this app is extremely beneficial for monitoring your children’s online behavior. To ensure the safety and well-being of your family members, including your children, I recommend downloading Wis from the Google Play Store. The app will keep you updated whenever your children access the internet or go offline, enabling you to protect their future and monitor their activities effectively.

W: Last Seen:

W is a versatile app that allows you to look the last seen activities of your contacts. By downloading and installing this app from the Google Play store, you can easily monitor the online behavior of your loved ones, including your closest friends. Simply enter the name of the person you wish to look and W-look will notify you when they are online or when they leave social media platforms.


If you’re seeking the best WhatsApp online last seen watching app, WatzUsage is a prime choice. Rather than spending time observing your children’s excessive social media usage, this app helps you monitor their online presence effectively. If you notice your children staying up late and spending extensive time on social media, it’s time to take action. By installing WatzUsage, you can easily look your child’s last seen and online status. Keep a close watch on their activities and ensure their well-being.

WatzUsage caters to the needs of millions of WhatsApp users by simplifying the searching process for your favorite contacts’ online timings. It provides timely notifications for messages received while your selected person is on WhatsApp. Furthermore, it displays their offline status.

While the app primarily offers notification viewing, you can also monitor WhatsApp activities by searching specific timings. Additionally, the app includes useful filters that enhance searching efficiency. Whether you want to monitor the entire day or specific times, filters allow for effective monitoring. As a parent, this feature can help you look your child’s study hours and ensure they are focused on their academic pursuits rather than engaging in distractions.

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives, revolutionizing global communication with its array of features. If you’re new to WhatsApp and want to maximize its potential, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

By Beatrice Manuel

WhatsApp is a widely popular mobile messaging app with over two billion monthly active users. Users appreciate the app for its ability to facilitate free chat, voice and video calls, as well as the exchange of photos and videos. However, the extensive range of features can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers.

To help you navigate WhatsApp effectively, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that have been tested and verified by our team of experts.

How To Check Anyone WhatsApp

Key Takeaways

WhatsApp offers a multitude of features that can enhance your messaging experience.
It is particularly useful for group communication, allowing smartphone users to connect without incurring SMS charges.
You can make free audio and video calls to any WhatsApp user by saving their contact number.
Let’s explore the 26 best WhatsApp tips and tricks that you can start using right away.

Send Disappearing Messages

Utilize the disappearing messages feature to automatically delete messages after a certain time. This ensures your messages are not saved or forwarded without your knowledge. Choose between message expiration periods of 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. Enable this feature for specific conversations by following a few simple steps.

Make Audio or Video Calls

Take advantage of WhatsApp’s popular audio and video call features to connect with friends. Initiate one-on-one calls or group calls with up to 32 participants. Simply open the contact or group chat, and choose the audio or video call option.

Customize Your Chat Wallpaper

Personalize your WhatsApp chats by changing the wallpaper. Modify the wallpaper for all chats or set specific wallpapers for individual contacts. You can also choose between dark or light mode wallpapers to suit your preferences.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

Manage your privacy settings to control what information is visible to others. Customize options such as “last seen” status, profile photo visibility, read receipts, and group invitation permissions. This allows you to maintain privacy and control over your WhatsApp account.

Monitor Data and Storage Usage

Keep search of your data consumption and manage storage usage in WhatsApp. Access the storage and data settings to view detailed information about your network usage and media storage. Adjust auto-download settings and media upload quality to optimize data usage.

Clear Unnecessary WhatsApp Media

If your phone’s storage is filling up with WhatsApp media files, you can selectively delete them without uninstalling the app. Use your phone’s file manager or gallery app to locate and remove unwanted WhatsApp images and videos.

Disable Automatic Media Download

Prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading media files, such as photos and videos, to your device. This can help conserve storage space and reduce data usage. Customize your media auto-download settings based on your preferences and network conditions.

Bookmark Important Messages

Use the star icon to bookmark and easily access important messages in your chats. Long-press a specific message or multiple messages, and then tap the star icon to mark them as important. You can later access these starred messages within the chat for quick reference.

Delete Messages for Everyone (or Just Yourself)

Remove messages from your WhatsApp chats either for everyone involved or just for yourself. Take advantage of this feature to delete sent messages within an hour of sending them. This can be helpful in correcting mistakes or retracting unintended messages.

Search Your Chat History

Quickly find specific messages or media within your WhatsApp chat history using the search feature. Enter relevant keywords or phrases to search for specific conversations or content. This can save you time and help you locate important information within your chats.

Reply to Individual Messages in Group Chats

When participating in group chats, reply to specific messages to ensure clarity in conversations. Long-press the desired message and select the reply option. This allows you to respond directly to a particular message, helping to maintain context within the group chat.

Utilize Google Assistant for WhatsApp

If you have Google Assistant set up on your Android device, you can utilize it to send messages on WhatsApp hands-free. Simply activate Google Assistant, say “Send a message to [contact name],” and choose WhatsApp as the messaging app. Dictate your message, and Google Assistant will handle the rest.

Back Up WhatsApp to Cloud Storage

Ensure the safety of your messages by backing up your WhatsApp chats and media files to cloud storage services. iOS users can use iCloud, while Android users can utilize Google Drive. Set up automatic backups or perform manual backups to safeguard your conversations.


Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance the security of your WhatsApp account by enabling two-factor authentication. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a six-digit PIN to access your account. Set up two-factor authentication in the account settings to safeguard your chats.

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