107 Premium Travel Agency Name Ideas to Attract Travelers

Are you looking for a travel agency name ideas? Here are some catchy travel business names & Suggestions list for your business to Double your sales & Profit. Travelling is fun, it offers many new experiences. Do you live in a vibrant city or you have a very active social life, it doesn’t matter at all, traveling can help you to be more satisfied. So you can see how people are living and what are their daily routines, by visiting different places all around the world. Therefore, these travel company names ideas will help you to start up your brand

The one who understands better about traveling is, of course,  a travel business agency or a travel guide. Therefore, they spend their entire life making others traveling and journeys more and more easy, memorable and interesting.

Creative Travel Agency Names Ideas

A creative travel agency name ideas is a great way to attract business and show your creativity. It’s important to find something unique that will stand out in the business world. Luckily, we have compiled this list of creative names you may want to consider when naming your own company.

  • Get Away
  • Paradise Found
  • Wanderlust & Wellness
  • Island Life Ever After
  • Travel To The Stars
  • All The Best Places In One Place
  • No More Suitcases, Only Steamer Trunks!
  • Off the Beaten Path Tours
  • The Best Places You Never Knew Existed
  • See the World Your Way
  • Now Boarding
  • Authentic Local Adventures
  • Think You Can Explore? We Can Help!
  • 21st Century Travel Adventures
  • Destination Now
  • Explore Everything
  • The Best Trips You’ve Never Been On
  • Discover the World Your Way
  • We’re All About Getting Out There!
  • We’ve Got Some Exploring To Do!
  • Your Bucket List Destination is Just a Click Away
  • Choose us For the Best Experiences on Earth
  • Adventure Starts Here!
  • The World is Our Oyster!
  • How It All Started, Adventures Were Made

Unique Name For Travel Agency

“Are you looking for a new name for your travel agency? Why not try something unique and memorable. Well a unique name that will set your company apart from the competition and stand out in the crowd!

  • Rent a Travel
  • Luxe World Travel
  • Perfect Trip Inc.
  • Faraway Travels Inc.
  • Get My Way Co., Ltd
  • International Cruise and Excursions, Ltd.
  • A to Z Adventure
  • World Excursions Ltd.
  • Air Travel Company
  • Modern Travels
  • Journeys International, Inc.
  • Travel Brokers, Ltd.
  • Trips To Go, Inc.

Travel Agency Name Suggestions

Do you need a travel agency name? If you do, this article will provide some ideas to get your brainstorming started. There are many different types of names out there, so if one doesn’t work for you it’s time to move on and find another. The first thing to think about is the type of business that best fits your personality and demographic. We have compiled the perfect name for your company.

  • Worldwide Vacations
  • ABC Tour & Travels Pvt Ltd
  • Absolute World Tours Limited
  • Acacia World Travel Limited
  • ACS Holiday And Cruise LTD Company
  • Africa & Beyond Tourism Services (Pty) Ltd
  • African Journeys Limited
  • African Tours and Travels Company
  • Afrika Charter Tours & Travel LTD
  • Air, Sea and Land Journeys Pvt Ltd
  • Alpha Holiday Services Pvt Ltd
  • Amanzi Tourism Services
  • Amber Holiday Travels Pvt Ltd
  • American African Travel Services Limited
  • Amli International LTD Company
  • Apex Travel and Tours Company
  • Apollo Holidays And Travel Services Ltd
  • Arab West Expressway LTD Company
  • Asia & Beyond Tourism Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Asia Pacific & Beyond LLC Company
  • Asian And Beyond Tourism Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Asian Holiday Travels Pvt Ltd
  • Atlas Tours and Travels Company Pvt Ltd
  • Avani World Network Pvt Ltd
  • Avasa Travels Pvt Ltd
  • AVI Holiday Charter & Cruise LTD Company
  • B D Associates (Pvt) Limited
  • Baibusch International (Pvt) Ltd
  • Beacon Adventures Private Limited

Complete Guide: How to choose a travel agency name

You want to make a travel company and looking for a perfect travel agency name ideas for your business. Think about the places, the roads as an inspiration to name your agency. But if you find it difficult to create a catchy name, you are in the right place. So here we are for you to give you a list of catchy travel agency name ideas! We have many categories of creating a name for your traveling business company. Bu reading this article you can create your travel agency name with better understanding and by yourself.

To achieve the goal. Let’s discuss the important factor                                                      

Step 1 – Know What makes a Catchy name

A catchy but suitable name can really help because it is going to be the first impression of the travel company/agency, Technically.

What is your target audience?

  • What is your Business?
  • Which point makes you unique from your competitors?
  • What are your destinations?
  • What is the Big Idea That makes you unique?
  • Scope of the travel agency business?
  • Who is your Competitor?
  • What is your Target Audience Age?
  • What are your skills and Expertise?
  • How Much Cost Do You Need To Start Business?
  • How Much you afford to spend your budget?

Step 2- Create your brand archetype

Carl Jung was the man who described a term as

“Forms or images of a collective nature which occur particularly all over the earth as constituents of myths and- at the same time-as individual products of unconsciousness.”

According to Jung, archetypes appear in human thoughts and dreams. It might easier to understand as we talk about each archetype a bit ahead.

What does archetype make possible?

  • To learn for paradise (Innocent, Sage, explorer)
  • Learn to leave a Mark on the world(outlaw, magician, Hero)
  • To learn to connect with others(Lover, Jester, Everyman)
  • Learn to provide structure to the world(Creator, Ruler, Caregiver)

Step 3 – Generate business name ideas

You have to be descriptive but not too general or vague, Use related word In a creative way so that may attract the customer. Also, have to keep the business name as simple for the understanding of all types of customers. You have to check how the competitors attract their customers but do not copy your competitors. Therefore, avoid using your own name as it can be the same as someone else. Choose a name that’s scaleable. Make sure you have a related domain

Business Name Types for travel companies

1- The real-world business Name

Some times new companies looking to capitalize on the familiarity of a word will choose to use a name that already exists as part of a new business name. Therefore, these names are best described as Real Word business names.

2- The Descriptive Business Name

A descriptive business name is one that essentially describes a product or service by identifying some ingredients, quality, or characteristics of that product. So at best descriptive names are boring, lack appeal and in most cases, are not worthy of trademark protection.

3- The Compound Word Business Name

Here is where it starts to get interesting. Many businesses have been certainly, successfully employing a combination of two common(or uncommon) words to make one new name and concept. So compound word business names tend to interesting and unique combinations of words that are not typically used together.

4- The Associated Word Business Name

Associated words can be highly successful business names. Cisco(from San Francisco), Wikipedia(from encyclopedia) and Google (from “google”) certainly did not have difficulty gaining credibility. These business names have strong underlying meanings and provide a much better back-story than other types of names.

  • Mash-ups
  • Get inspiration from mythology and literature
  • Use foreign words
  • Use a symbol
  • Remove or add an extra letter
  • Pick a word from the dictionary
  • Magical Secret To Choose a Business Name.
creative travel agency names
creative travel agency names

Here is a formula for creating the name of the travel company. You can add the words/ideas of your choice in keywords. [Keyword]+ Travel  

  •  [Keyword]+ Tour services
  •  [Keyword]+ international
  •  [Keyword]+ tours
  •  [Keyword]+ Trips
  •  [Keyword]+ Discoveries
  •  The [Keyword]+ Gateway
  •  Its [Keyword] Time
  •  [Keyword]+ [Keyword]
  •  Evergreen + [Keyword]

Step 4 – Narrow Down A Few Decent Names.

  • Here are some suggested Catchy travel agency names
  • Escape Travel
  • Wild Safaris
  • On-Time travel
  • The Trip Trip
  • Happy Tours

Step 5 – Check the availability of a travel agency names

  • Register your company/business name with your state and see if he same name is available.

Step 6 – Legal Consideration

  • If you like and chosen/created a name, Google it up and see what are the results, just to see there’s nothing else associated with your chosen/created name.

Step 7 – Test your brand name

  • When you are once done with naming your traveling agency, you can test your company name to share with your family members, friends, colleagues, and any potential customers and observe what they think, and what comes in their mind when they listen or read your traveling company name.

You can test further by getting answers to the questions listed below

  • How people react when they hear your name the first time?
  • Does it convey your message?
  • It`s a good name for my company?
  • People remember my company name or they forget?
  • Is it easy to pronounce?

FAQ about travel agency name ideas

How to come up with a perfect name for the traveling company?

For new business, The business name is the key to success. If your business name is good and conveys the right and meaningful message to the audience, then it’s a perfect business name for your traveling company.

How to attract the audience from the company name?

Through traveling company names, you can attract the audience easily. If the name conveys an emotional and motivational message, you can easily attract passengers.

Need Help To Choose the Best name for your Business?

Comment below or contact us if you need furthermore help to choose a business name for you. Feel free to write an email hello@seventhway.com

Need Help To Choose the Best name for your Business?

Comment below or contact us if you need furthermore help to choose a business name for you. Feel free to write an email Hello@seventhway.com

Some Final Thoughts about Academy Business name.

I Hope you decided on your travel company name by the time you read this article. So now you can build your business with these catchy travel business ideas. Moreover, these amazing traveling agency name ideas will help you to a lot create your business name If you hadn’t done it yet.

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