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137 Unique Clothing Name Ideas for your business

clothing business name ideas
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Are you looking for clothing business name ideas? And want to start clothing business company here is the list and suggestions for clothing business name ideas. If you’ve got a passion for fashion and maybe a related degree, starting your own clothing line is true up your alley. If you’ve got something new and unique to bring back the industry, you would possibly have just what it takes to succeed!

Everyone needs clothes, and lots of people that share a love for fashion aren’t afraid to spend a reasonably penny to form themselves look glamorous. this is often why the clothing industry is the perfect industry to urge into for just the proper person (you)!

What Do I want to think about Before Starting a Clothing business?

When it involves having your own clothing company, the foremost important aspect of the business is building your brand. Without a brand, people won’t recognize your clothes and might mistake you for a generic clothing company (ouch!). Picking an honest name is basically important during this industry.

Thinking of brandable clothing company names are often quite the task. That’s fine! this is often not something that you simply want to rush because it must be as perfect because of the clothes you’ll be designing. Just how does one come up with good clothing company names?

Here are a couple of tips for clothing business name ideas


I cannot stress enough how important it’s that the name chosen is brandable. The more natural it seems for you to create on the name, the better it’ll be for you to brand! Try arising with slogans and logos for every name concept involves mind.

Clothing Type

More like than not, you’ll probably be sticking with a kind of clothing that’s pretty specific, whether it’s streetwear, dance apparel, or swimwear. Whatever you design, somehow incorporate this into the name.

Use Your Name

If you’ve got an awesome-sounding name that features a nice flow thereto, why not think about using it within the clothing line name? you’re the guru behind the scenes, after all!

Take a Vote

The likelihood is that you’ll fall crazy with a couple of different, fabulous names. If this happens to you, consult family and shut friends about their opinions and take a vote. Who knows, they’ll even be ready to provide some additional ideas to urge you thinking!

Now that I even have you on target with the brainstorming process, learn the essential steps you’ll follow to make your dream business name!

How to Make an ingenious Clothing business name ideas

Picking the proper name is significant to any quite business, but when you’re working in an industry competing with some really big names, it’s crucial that you simply spend tons of your time thinking on this subject. If you invest the time, you will be ready to create a catchy name that stands out from the remainder. within the end, you’ll be glad you did!

1. Determine Why you are going to start out

This is essentially the mission statement reminding you why you would like to start out the business. does one want to make a line catered to a market not typically served by the style industry? does one want to separate the profits to be ready to support a cause you think in? does one want to shop for and sell clothes that you simply want to wear? Write this down so you’ll return thereto every so often. If you grind to a halt within the naming process, take an opportunity and linger over why you are going to travel into a business.

2 Believe the Customer

Decide on the sort of consumer you would like to frequent your brick-and-mortar or online store. Write these characteristics down, and do not be afraid to travel into specifics.

  • What is their ideal job?
  • What do they need to accomplish in life?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their hobbies?

The business name you select will tell your customers who are and what you’re about. Try to not jump into the fashionable name game—that is, unless you’re trying to maximize a viral trend with a momentary product or service. believe ideas that match what your customers aspire to become or to have.

3. Develop the Theme

Even if you do not pick a selected theme to create your brand strategy or boutique name, believe the message. what’s your company getting to be about? What does one want it to represent? Use these answers as a guide to assist you to work out what you would like to travel for. Going with a topic is often advantageous because it’s easier for the customer to know what your brand is trying to sell.

clothing brand name ideas
clothing brand name ideas

4. Brainstorm

This is where the thrill (and endurance) comes into play. Take a bit of paper and jot all the names that inherit your mind. Don’t believe whether they’re good or bad.

Use a thesaurus or dictionary to seek out a spread of words, names, concepts, and concepts that you simply can potentially use.

Once you’ve got a couple of ideas going, fiddle with the word placement and note of what you gravitate towards. After you set an inventory together, ask your friends and family the subsequent questions:

• What is your first impression of the business name(s)?

• What feelings come up once you hear it? Are they positive or negative?

• What does one think my store would be selling?

If people are supplying you with good feedback, you would possibly be onto something good.

5. Look for the Clothing business name ideas

Google is your ally. After you discover a reputation that you simply like, check to ascertain if it’s taken. If you set it within the search query and zip comes up, you ought to be within the clear. However, there’s another thing to see before you go charging full steam ahead.

6. Trademarks and Copyrights

The last step to picking a clothing name is to try to a trademark look for the name you would like. If it isn’t taken, you’ll register it with us Trademark Office. it would be best to talk to a lawyer as you undergo this process. However, you’ll use sites like LegalZoom to ascertain if they will assist you also.

7. Claim to Fame

Snag your business name on all the social media platforms possible. this may assist you to make sure that another individual won’t take the name and post content thereon that does not match together with your store and confuse your customer.

Are You able to Begin Your Adventure?

The key to producing an unforgettable and lasting name is simple: a reputation should cause you to excited to go to rather than scratching your head in confusion.

Your Clothing business name ideas should make someone “SMILE”:

  • Simple: one, easy-to-understand concept
  • Meaningful: your customers instantly “get it”
  • Imagery: visually evocative – creates a picture
  • Legs: carries the brand, lends itself to the wordplay
  • Emotional: empowers, entertains, engages, enlightens
  • “SCRATCH” it off the list if it’s any of those deal-breakers:
  • Spelling-challenged: you’ve got to inform people the way to spell it
  • Copycat: almost like the competitor’s names
  • Random: disconnected from the brand
  • Annoying: hidden meaning, forced
  • Tame: flat, uninspired, boring, non-emotional
  • Curse of Knowledge: only insiders catch on
  • Hard-to-pronounce: not obvious, relies on punctuation

A Few Final Tips to urge You on Your Way

• Think about the associations your name may have. confirm it’s nothing negative or off-brand.

• Check for readability. you do not want someone confused as they appear at the name.

• Try to stay the business name short and sweet.

• Decide on your brand’s personality. Is it playful? Sweet? Tough? Thoughtful?

A great name can direct attention to you and reinforce your value during a word or two. confirm you do not look and sound like everybody else.


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