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Factory Names: 121+ Chocolate Factory Name

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Starting a new business and looking for factor names idea. Once you are done with writing your business plan or you have talked to other business owners and some potential customers and you are ready to go for it. The name of your upcoming factory is missing yet. Good factory names will make your customers remember you easily.

New Factory Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a name for your new factory, we have some great ideas! We know how difficult it can be to come up with a good name and we hope that these names will help you. With all the different types of factories out there, it’s important to find the perfect one that matches your business.

  • Factory of Making Things
  • Thinking Factory
  • Run Through the Jungle Factory
  • Monster Memory Game factory
  • Boring Toy factory
  • The Giant Ball factory
  • The Tiniest Plastic Thingy Factory
  • The Productivity Factory
  • Marshmallow Food Products,
  • The Really Awesome Toy Company factory
  • Your Dream Factory
  • Rainbow Twirler factory
  • Factory of Champions
  • Monster Truck Parts factory
  • The Muscle Factory
  • The Boring but Productive factory
  • Super Human Hero Maker factory
  • Chocolate Cookie Maker Factory
  • Tron Legacy Monster Parts factory
  • Monkey Munchies Banana Treats factory
  • Monkey Munchies cereal factory
  • Monster Truck Rally Parts factory
  • Monster Oil Change garage service center

if you want something simple and straightforward like “Fashion Factory,” try naming one after yourself or use your company slogan. If you need something more sophisticated sounding like “Gourmet Kitchen” maybe try using words from another language or adding syllables to make it sound fancier. The possibilities are endless!
Are you ready? Let’s start brainstorming.

Funny Factory Names

If you need a name for your business, but you don’t want it to sound like another company’s name, then this article is perfect for you. We’ve compiled 20 of the funniest names that are out there. If one of these doesn’t fit with your brand, give our team a call and we’ll help find something that fits.

  • Aarons (Aarons hardware)
  • Abbott and Costello
  • Uncle Ben’s Rice
  • Aunt Jemima Pancake House
  • Betty Crocker Cakes
  • Bob and Tom radio show
  • Borghese
  • Bush’s Baked Beans
  • Dum Dum
  • Harley Davidson
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Honest Tea
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!
  • Italian Herb Breadcrumbs,
  • Jell-O Pudding Pops,
  • John Deere,
  • Kleenex,
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray,
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser,
  • Muppets

Trying to come up with names can seem like an impossible task. We’ve got the perfect solution! You’ll love these funny factory names that are sure to inspire your next big idea. There are over 100 of them, so it’s bound to be something you’ll love.

Creating New factory names

There are specialized naming companies that charge thousands of dollars for creating factory names for new business.  They create the name and made them trendy, industry-wise, memorable and aren’t trademark.

Create mash-ups

Get inspiration from mythology and literature

Use foreign words

Use your own name

Take a look at a map

Use your name with a location

Partner with another company

Leverage nicknames

Make it descriptive

1. Acronyms for factory names

Use the first letter of the word of factory names , in parts of words of names or in a phrase. AOL (American online) , BBC (British broadcasting Corporation) and BENQ (Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life)are some real world examples.

2. Mash-ups for factory names

Try making a mashup by mixing two or more words that are meaningful for your business and you as well. For example Groupon (from “group” and “coupon”) and Lego (from the Danish “leg godt”, which means to “play well”).

3. Get inspiration for factory names from mythology and literature

If you have a passion for history and literature,  look no further than your Roman and Greek legend! . For example,ASUS ( from the mythical winged horse Pegasus ) . To start a factory names , a character,  object or place could be a creative start for a name ; like Starbucks (from Starbuck , the young chief Mate of the Pequod, in Moby Dick).

4. Use foreign words factory names

Try using a foreign factory names or foreign- sounding name even if your targeted audience is based in one region because it can be very memorable in your customer’s native language.  As an example just look at Daewoo (great house in Korean) and Audi ( the Latin translation of the German name Horch ) .

5. Use your own factory names

If you Don’t like other names and you want to use your own name for your factory names business,  you are on a right track.  Yes ! You can add your name into business name . Many brand names are actually the name of their inventors or their owners name  as ; Boeing (After William Boeing) and Grundig (name after the founder Max Grundig) .

6. Take a look at a map

For your inspiration , have a look of world map.  Just like Adobe ( after Adobe Greek) , Amazon (named after the largest rover in the world,  by volume of water ) and the Fuji ( named after the highest mountain in Japan) did.

7. Mix things up

You   also try a good name by making a combination of various different words , just like your factory names and place ,where you live.  For example IKEA( from the founder’s name Ingvar Kamprad and where he grew up: Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) .

8. Partner with another company

Here you have can try greetings  good name by two ways: Firstly , you may combine the name of two owners who are partners and secondly , by combining your new factory names with an existing factory name if you are going to merge the both. Just like Ben and Jerry’s  or the 20th Century fox.

9. Use nicknames factory names

Using nicknames or your kid’s names may be sound a little strange , but you have the example of the companies like ; Mercedes (name if the daughter of the founder) and Danone( name of the sons childhood nickname of the founder).; they dont sound strange by the time , do they?

10. Factory names should be descriptive

While naming your business, remember that it should must be a descriptive name. The should speak about your services and qualities. Don’t be too general or vague.

name of the factory

Check factory names domain Availability

For doing a business online, business name should be available as a domain name and it is essential. You will be soon putting your factory services online by creating a business website. This means that the domain name of your business , which is your address of the business in the web , is as crucial as the business name.

Shortlisting factory names

Once you are done short listing some names , check the availability of these names as .com . It is the most sought after domain name system. If your business name is not available as .com , still check if you can buy it from the owner.

So, while selecting a name don’t just think about its representation that how it look in your factory logo , bust also check its availability as domain name. Visit sites like GoDaddy, and Network Solutions to check the availability.

Formula to generate a factory names

  1. Keyword + corporation
  2. Keywords + factory
  3. Keyword +manufacturing
  4. Keyword’s +makers

Factory names Ideas

Here is a list of factory  name for your better idea.

  1. Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  2. Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory
  3. Aerzen Green Building, Coatesville, PA, USA
  4. GreenHouse Facility, Holland, MI, USA
  5. Olisur Olive Oil Factory, Santiago, Chile
  6. BMW Central Building, Leipzig, Germany
  7. McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, UK
  8. FRABA sp z.o.o., Slubice, Poland
  9. Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Factory, Russia
  10. Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA
  11. NPO Energomash Plant, Khimki, Russia
  12. Louisville Slugger Factory, Louisville, KY, USA
  13. Siemens, Amberg, Germany
  14. Anheuser-Busch, Newark, NJ, USA
  15. Guiness Brewery, Ireland
  16. Lockheed Martin Factory at United States Air Force Plant 4, Fort Worth, TX, USA
  17. Rioglass Solar Construction Plant, Lena, Spain
  18. Bang and Olufsen, Struer, Denmark
  19. Paykar Bonyan Panel  Factory, Tehran, Iran
  20. Boeing Manufacturing Site, Everett, WA, USA

Perform A Trademark Search

 Do check the trademark registration availability, visit in the U.S or the respective authorities in your country. If the name can be registered as a trademark, then do that quickly before someone else get it.

Get Feedback for factory names

Get some feedback some targeted customers and be sure to ask questions like:

  1. How people react when they hear your name first time?
  2. Does it convey your message?
  3. it`s a good name for my company?
  4. people remember my company name or they forget?
  5. is it easy to pronounce?

Also ask yourself , is the name still relevant and did it present your business how you intended?

FAQ about garage factory names ideas

Need Help To Choose the Best name for your Business?

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Final Thoughts

Hope you decided your factory business name by the time you read this article .We had described all the important factors you need to know about naming a factory business. These amazing ideas of business names will help you to a lot create your business name If you hadn’t done it yet.

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